B   U   S   I   N   E   S   S

Auto bore cleaner

Better performance than manual cleaning by people. There are rifle and smooth bore cleaners, and several different size, such as 76/90/105/120/122/125/152/155mm

Unique Features

  • 100% Automatically

    • It operates 100% automatically.
  • Better Performance

    • It cleans various sizes of cannon/artillery barrel automatically in a short time by one operator and shows excellent cleaning performance.
  • Save time and Manpower

    • Current manual cleaning system need long time consuming with physically hard working, but you can overcome that problems by using this Automatic gun barrel cleaner.
  • Can use in battle filed safely

    • Avoid exposure at outside battle filed

Product List

Rifle Bore


Two proximity sensors are attached



The Rifle Bore Cleaner has five different kinds of sizes,
such as 76mm/90mm/105mm/122mm/152mm/155mm.

There are so many grooves, so it’s always hard and need long time to clean.
It can be cleaned effectively with saving time and manpower.


BLD-76A BLD-90A BLD-105A BLD-122A BLD-152A BLD-155A
Applicable Model 76mm Gun 90mm Gun 105mm Howitzer 122mm Howitzer 152mm Howitzer 155mm Tank
Weight (Main body) 5kg 8kg 9kg 11kg 17kg 19kg
Length of Main body 790mm 760mm 760mm 780mm 820mm 820mm
External Diameter of Main body 74mm 88mm 103mm 120mm 150mm 153mm
Smooth Bore

Smooth Bore

This gun barrel cleaner is only for Smooth Bore, and there are two sizes 120mm/125mm


Smooth Bore
BLD-120A BLD-125A
Applicable Model 120mm Tank 125mm Tank
Weight (Main body) 15kg 17kg
Length of Main body 810mm 810mm
External Diameter of Main body 118mm 123mm

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