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Product Introduction

  • This is an automatic gun barrel cleaner for the big size gun between 76mm ~ 155mm.
  • Current manual cleaning system – long time consuming with physically hard working ( for example, 155mm bore cleaning: 10 soldiers have to clean for approximately one hour)
  • To overcome current manual system’s problems, our Gun barrel automatic cleaner is the best solution
  • It cleans various sizes of cannon barrel automatically in a short time by one operator and shows excellent cleaning performance

Product Composition


automatic gun barrel cleaner specification
Category Body Dimension(mm) Power source Body Weight(kg) Use Temperature(Min~Max)
BLD-076 Ø 78X890 DC 24V 4 -35℃ ~ +75℃
BLD-105 Ø 107X860 6
BLD-120 Ø 122X870 7.5
BLD-122 Ø 124X870 8
BLD-125 Ø 127X870 8.5
BLD-130 Ø 132X880 9
BLD-155 Ø 157X900 12

※ Size and weight can be different after mass production and customized production is possible according to the sightseeing of the gun barrel.


automatic gun barrel cleaner performance
Category BLD-076 BLD-105 BLD-120 BLD-155
Application Equipment 76mm Warship Gun 105mm Howitzer 120mm Tank 155mm Howitzer
Required Manpower 1 Person 1 Person 1 Person 1 Person
Cleaning Speed 3M / Min 3M / Min 3M / Min 3M / Min
Cleaning Time
Including Set up
Approximately 15 Mins(Cleaning Time 9 Mins) Approximately 15 Mins(Cleaning Time 9 Mins) Approximately 20 Mins(Cleaning Time 14 Mins) Approximately 25 Mins(Cleaning Time 18 Mins)
Life Essence 10 Years 10 Years 10 Years 10 Years
Life Brush 800 Times of Round Trip 800 Times of Round Trip 750 Times of Round Trip 700 Times of Round Trip


  • Time saving (1 hour manual -> 15~20mins auto)
  • Manpower saving (155mm:10people ->1 person)
  • Better cleaning performance give more accurate fire result
  • Avoid exposure at outside battle field in combat
  • Easy & simple operation (everybody can handle)
  • Low price & Low maintenance cost

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